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On this page, you will find useful resources that you may be able to use as a teacher, anywhere in the world. Good luck!


Romanian Language Resources

Romanian Language classes have been added to RUF's Excellence Center relatively recently, in the Spring 2022 Semester. Currently, we have identified several useful sets of resources, including presentations and videos

  • ARCS Curriculum (this is what we use currently - Fall 22)
    • ARCS' teaching methods are based on the core principles of Heritage Language Education that nourish bilingualism and address holistically the bi-cultural identity of our students through project-based activities, play, authentic sources, and critical thinking
  • Babes-Bolyiai University eLearning (useful videos and manuals)
    • This project is intended for the improvement of teaching staff in pre-university education who teach Romanian. The audio-video documents are specially designed for the training and development of oral communication skills of students for whom Romanian is a non-native language
  • Cuvinte Romanesti (videos)
    • The "Cuvinte Românești" project (funded by DRP) addresses the needs of Romanian teachers, trainers and parents abroad who have decided to be actively involved in the education of over 810,000 Romanian school-aged children who study and live outside Romania's borders, in the diaspora
    • We make available to all those interested a set of resources developed within the CRED Project: studies and research reports, educational policy documents, specific methodologies, guides, programs, etc.
  • Institutul Limbii Romane
    • For 20 years, the Romanian Language Institute has demonstrated, through its Romanian language lecturers, that it is a truly public institution, assuming the autonomy and responsibility for the performance of a community of specialists in teaching the Romanian language.
  • Cărți în Limba Română pentru copii



Dezbatere asupra sistemului de învățământ din România

The video is a debate about the education system in Romania. The participants discuss various issues related to the system, such as the quality of education, the role of teachers, and the need for reforms. They also talk about the system's challenges, such as the lack of funding and resources, the outdated curriculum, and the low salaries of teachers. The participants offer different perspectives and solutions to these issues, and they engage in a lively and informative discussion.

RUF - Romanian United Foundation


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