Dear friend,

No matter where we are on this planet, there is a bond to the place we grew up, where we spent our childhood. For most of us, it’s Romania.  

What did you love most to play with when you were a child? Do you remember your best friend down the street? You couldn’t wait to get back from your school and play together. Hopscotch, ‘the elastic’, hide-and-seek…

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Now imagine 250 kids with illnesses whose names are so hard to even pronounce. They still wanna play, they still look for their best friend.  

MagiCAMP is a place where they find children like them, where they all forget for a week about the way the rest of the year is like.

Summer break is soon approaching, and there is no moment like the present to make a donation towards sending a child to camp in Romania.

Romanian United Fund and Asociatia Magic joined forces for a greater purpose: raising money to send 250 kids with life-limiting conditions to MagiCamp!

As children, we were able to see the infinite possibility in everyone and everything. We are able to heal our wounds through joy and playful interactions. Let’s rekindle those emotions in these children who have been put to the test and suffered enough! We can help! You can help! As a collective of donors and only through your generosity, the children of MagiCamp can laugh and play again with no worries in sight. The camp represents a safe place for them in the way of opening possibilities.

Let’s make it possible! To laugh, to play, to be joyous, to heal!

As of today, we raised enough money to send 70 kids to camp. Help us reach our goal of 250 kids!

RUF Play For Good

At RUF, June is the Happy Children’s Month!

Accept the #PlayForGood challenge, get involved, and donate! Together, we can send 250 kids to MagiCamp! #playforgood

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For more information about the campaign, click here

Asociația Magic is a Romanian non-profit association focused on children with life-limiting conditions. Since 2014, the association finds solutions for children with severe medical conditions and creates services to help them in any way possible. They believe in excellence, integrity, community, inspiration, and enthusiasm, values that drive them daily.

Through the MagiCamp program, we can make the children smile and play like there are no worries in the world. This camp represents their safe place. A place where they can find the environment and attention they need and a trained team ensuring both safety and fun.

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The first event of the Romanian Diaspora Funding Network (RDFN) takes place on June 17 and you are invited to participate. Romanian United Fund is a proud founding member of RDFN.  Click here and register to get more information.


Romanian Diaspora Funding Network brings the diaspora #maiAproapeDeRomania by promoting and supporting initiatives with impact in the country.  We stay connected and we get involved even if away from home.

Come to the Donor Circle on June 17. You will be able to support and donate to de-a arhitectura, Declic, and Asociatia Partener pentru Tine.  

Nurturing Resilience Through The Pandemic

RUF is honored to participate among the speakers of the upcoming third annual Conference of Romanian American Professionals organized by the Immigration Research Forum, on June 4th and June 5th.  

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