Dear all,

I take the Easter holiday as a time of reflection upon my own life, and as a chance to resurrect some of the dormant dreams and projects. As a team, at RUF, we also took time to reflect on the projects we’ve led so far and plan for the near future ones.

We are proud of our partners, Code 4 Romania, that launched the “Diaspora Closer To Home“ report, realized also with RUF’s support, among other partners. You can download it by clicking here.

The results of March Heritage Campaign are in. Thank you for your involvement. The April Environment Campaign has entered its second stage; fundraisers are still open, so pick your cause.

We are working on a new Magic campaign that will be launched on June 1st, International Children’s Day, as well as a June Health Campaign, featuring projects from some of our partners. Watch this space for more info.

Our Math Wizards are anxious to find out the results of the International Math Kangaroo competition. June cannot come soon enough!

Last, but not least, we welcome our new Volunteers Engagement Director, Luciana Nemtanu. She is the one who will welcome into the fold all of you who wish to volunteer for our amazing programs and teams.

Let’s rock this last month of Spring! Are you ready for Summer?


Daniela Kammrath, RUF


Heritage Campaign Wrap Up

We have proud of our partners and the projects they focused on during our Heritage campaign in March. Their powerful, meaningful projects brought together 591 donors that raised $18,367. RUF matched $3,900 of them. We thank all of you that got involved.

Thank you to our partners,
Fundatia Noi Orizonturi, Federaţia Fundaţiile Comunitare din România - FFCR , Asociatia Monumentum, Fundaţia Comunitară Vȃlcea, Fundația Comunitară Țara Făgărașului. Thank you La Blouse Roumaine.




Environment Campaign Update

There were over $4,500 raised at the end of April for the environmental projects. The fundraisers are still active on Facebook in May. Just to remind you, the projects are:

Conservation Carpathia is working to reintroduce bison in the Fagaras Mountains.

Declic is raising awareness about pollution.

Fundația Comunitară Oradea is focusing on educating young ones in the middle of nature in downtown Oradea.

Fundația Comunitară Mureș - Marosszéki Közösségi Alapítvány fundraises for safer school zones for their children and a less polluted air in Tg. Mures.

RUF Environment Campaign

You can still donate or open your own fundraiser to support the projects in this campaign.



Education: Math Program

Our Math Wizards are getting ready for Summer Vacation! No worries, our classes start again in September, registrations are open today.

We’re looking back at when we started and we see that our little kids are a little taller, stronger, and better at Math. It’s been an awesome year here at the Math Club at RUF. We had kids join us from all over North America, from Key West to LA, to Connecticut, to Montreal. Some of them even participated in the International Math Kangaroo and we’re anxiously waiting for results to come back in June. Super proud of you Andrei, Brianna, Luca, Lucas, Matei, Stefan and Thea! You guys ROCKED IT this year!

RUF Math program

Our teachers and program coordinator, Ioana Laine, Laura Bercean, Renata Gherghiceanu, and Mihai Lehene are gearing up for the Fall Semester and planning out what FUN Math Looks like. We’re all super happy that almost every one of the kids that started in our Math classes is still here today and they want to come back. And kids tell us we’re fun!


Volunteer of the Month

This month we would like to introduce Luciana Nemtanu - Volunteer Engagement Director

RUF Luciana Nemtanu

Luciana has joined us and serves as the Volunteer Engagement Director. She is passionate about helping people give their time to something greater.

She is originally from Piatra Neamt, lives in Michigan, and holds a doctoral degree in Anthropology and History. She works at the University of Michigan where she is a strategic advocate for equity and mentoring in research and innovation, designs and leads strategies and programs that enhance mentoring practices and collaborations to ensure equitable professional and educational growth, teaches undergraduate students strategies for effective research communication for academic audiences and public engagement, and facilitates workshops on inclusive leadership, cultural competency, interrupting bias, and how to mentor/get the most out of mentoring.

We are happy to have her join the RUF Family!



Amazon Smile Campaign

The campaign is picking up speed. We have now almost 110 customers of Amazon Smile supporting RUF. If you chose us, thank you! If not, please select RUF as your charity of choice today. Our unique charity link is:

Please remember to select RUF in your Amazon App on your phone and make sure you use (not simply when you purchase from your computer!

Check out and share our Amazon Smile video on youtube (courtesy of Cody Barbu).


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