The RUF Pledge is a commitment of our wealthiest donors to philanthropy, an extraordinary step to supporting and becoming part of a philanthropic movement in the Romanian communityIt aims to shift the norms of philanthropy among our community's wealthiest people by inspiring them to give more, establish their giving plans sooner, and give in smarter ways.

Taking the Pledge means making a commitment to make an annual donation at a minimum level of 0.1% of the donor's net worth. The Pledge is usually taken by our Angels. The calculation is very simple: a donor worth 1 Million commits to making annual donations of at least $1,000 to any organization within the Romanian community. The Pledge equates to a total of 3% of the donor's net worth in 30 years (a lifetime equivalent). In reality, most of our donors already exceed this level, so the Pledge is an easy commitment to make.

We are looking the establish a community of wealthy individuals who are willing to get involved, share ideas, and learn more about philanthropy and how it enhances people's lives in our communities. For any details regarding this program, please contact us and we will promptly reply. Thank you for your interest