Educhance By Salvați Copiii Filiala Iași

Provide access to education for all children!
Every child deserves access to education. Educhance aims to support schools and students in the NE Region of the country, one of the areas with the highest rate of people at a risk of poverty and social exclusion (Eurostat).

Provide access to education for all children!

The right to education is a fundamental right, as guaranteed by Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and by multiple international conventions. Today, as the world faces a global health crisis, schools have had to move their classes online. Unfortunately, many children from disadvantaged areas lack access to computers or to an Internet connection.
The inability to connect to modern learning resources increases the gap between them and their peers. At Educhance, we believe that digital learning methods must be available in this day and age to all children, without a difference.

EDUCHANCE is an alliance of NGOs and initiatives with impact at a local, national and international level managed by Save the Children Iasi in partnership with “Transform School” (formed by “The Romanian Literacy Association and ADSERVIO), Civic Heroes, YES Foundation, “The Parent’s Workshop”, FONTIS, and many more.

• To provide laptops for disadvantaged children
• To supply schools with an online platform
• To facilitate the digitalization of our schools
• To assist school children and teachers with online learning

• Support with finance
• Make a donation of laptops / tablets: Give us your old devices when your organization makes upgrades.
• Help us reach the members of your organization / community and invite them to join our cause.
• If you are a school, you can help us by facilitating learning for the students and teachers involved in our project.

The organization SAVE THE CHILDREN is a social institution, whose mission is to guarantee the equality of chances for all children, irrespectively of the community they come from, by using its own expertise, as well as through advocacy activities and lobbying the decision makers and by mobilizing the civil society leaders.

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