Funds Sources: Ukrainian Peace Fund

Project Name: Support for Ukraine's Children

Donation Links: Ukrainian Peace Fund | UPF Facebook Fundraiser

Community Partner: Save the Children Romania

Starting Date: March 2022

Financing: Financed

Project Status: In  Development

Total Project Budget: $20,000 

Financed Amount: $20,000


RUF financed $20,000 out of $20,000 goal. Thank you for your support.


Short Description:

The conflict in Ukraine has put children in danger of physical harm and severe emotional distress.

The Save the Children Romania teams are on the ground, near the border points with Ukraine, in the refugee centers in Maramureș, Suceava, and Galați, and are ready to provide humanitarian assistance to children and their families who are taking refuge from the war.

Save the Children International is a leading humanitarian organization for children. In partnership with RUF, Save the Children Romania will provide pre-packed emergency kits for 400 mothers and children.



More than 7.5 million children are trapped in the middle of the war in Ukraine, at risk of being displaced, separated from their families, and exposed to trauma, disruption of education, and access to medical services. Even before the escalation of the conflict, 2.9 million people in eastern Ukraine from Donbas called for humanitarian assistance, and 400,000 of them were children.

Save the Children “Support for Ukraine’s Children Project”:

provide immediate humanitarian assistance;

  • supports with food, clothing, hygiene items the refugee centers, where children are offered shelter;
  • makes sure that all refugee children are safe, physically and emotionally;
  • supports mothers in Ukraine in dealing with the refugee situation;
  • works with the authorities to get our help directly to those in need.



Salvati Copiii Romania has received a $20K grant that will provide:

  • blankets, diapers, wet wipes, bottles, pacifiers, and toys for babies
  • blankets, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, hats, gloves, plain water, juice/milk, snacks, and toys for children
  • blankets, wet wipes, absorbent pads, hats, gloves, nasal wipes, hand sanitizer, plain water, and staple foods (bread, canned goods, melted cheese, sauces, crackers, pretzels, wafers) for mothers.
Save The Children Romania


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