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The Europa Nostra campaign brings together Romanian diaspora communities, organizations, and individuals from all over the world. Join the campaign and vote today to help Via Transilvanica win the Public Choice Award.


Via Transilvanica is one of the 28 Winning Projects 🇷🇴 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 🇪🇸 🇩🇰 🇵🇹 🇳🇴 🇨🇿 🇺🇦 of the 2023 European Heritage Awards Europa Nostra, the most prestigious European project recognizing remarkable heritage accomplishments from European countries, and is now one of the leading projects competing for the prestigious Public Choice Award. Show your support to help Via Transilvanica win: Vote For Via Transilvanica or Join as a Campaign Partner.

Via Transilvanica trail in Bucovina

Learn about Via Transilvanica

Via Transilvanica is a unique 1,400 km hiking route from Putna to Drobeta Turnu Severin that crosses 400 rural communities of Romania. The project, launched in September 2022, took thousands of volunteers and 4 years to build. This route will bring between 40 and 150 million Euros annually to these communities when fully developed.

“I want to walk this trail” (Christine Thulmer). And this is why YOU might want to walk this trail:

  • it is the longest distance trail in Romania
  • it took 4 years to be completed
  • it involved over 10,000 volunteers
  • it  is marked with 1400 sculpted milestones
  • it  is the longest art exhibit in the world
  • it covers 2000 years of history
  • it is accessible to everyone on foot, by bike, or on horseback
  • it passes through 7 historic regions
  • it has an unique story to tell to the world
  • it is the gateway to an enchanted rural world
  • it  connects the less tourist, peripheral places
  • it revives the local communities 
  • you come as a stranger, and leave as a friend (Christine Thulmer)

Our country needs this project to win, and Via Transilvanica needs YOU! Vote For Via Transilvanica.

Mountains on the Via Transilvanica trail Romania


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