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Project Name: Who am I?

Diaspora Partner: HORA (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: January 2023

Project Status: In Progress

Project Budget: $15,000

Financed Amount: N/A


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Short Description:

In January 2021, HORA (Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans in MN) started working on the third project documenting Romanian Immigration in Minnesota. This follows the previous two projects that focused on the beginning of Romanian immigration in Minnesota (“A Thousand Dollars and Back,” made in collaboration with RGS, nominated for a regional Emmy award in 2015) and the immigration during the communist era (“Through the Iron Curtain- from Romania”). 

The current project's goal is to explore the issue of identity with first and second-generation immigrants. The exploration is done through candid interviews between parents and their teenage or adult children about love, loss, career, trauma, hopes and dreams, and the ancestral "dor," longing in English translation. These documentaries are the first to focus on Romanian Immigration to the United States. We hope our work encourages other organizations to start documenting Romanian immigration stories and preserve our cultural heritage.

The $15K will cover the costs for the documentary script, which is needed before applying for more grants in 2023 to complete the documentary.




HORA Heritage Organization Of Romanian Americans In Mn


HORA In MN is a non-profit organization with a mission to enrich Minnesota’s diverse image through the preservation, promotion and sharing of the valuable cultural heritage of the Romanian American community, with its extensive history in the state.