Important note:Β We can only remit funding to vetted nonprofit organizations

Organizations already affiliated with RUF Partner

Fundraising for organizations that are already affiliated with RUF is easy. You should be able to start fundraising right away. Simply head to the Start a Fundraiser page to learn more. Remember, you are fundraising for a recipient organization, RUF will remit all funds raised to them*, and they will ultimately have control over the way the funds are used.

* Conditions apply: as funds are raised for an affiliate organization, they accrue in RUF's sub-account (for the specific organization). RUF will remit funding upon request, but only after at least $1,000 is available in the organization's subaccount.

New Organizations, not yet affiliated

You can fundraise for a new organization, however, we will only vet (approve) the new organization as an affiliate organization once a minimal amount has been raised (as of December 2023 this amount is $5,000).

Should you decide to raise funding for a new organization (that is not on our platform), there is a risk that you will not raise this amount. If a minimal amount is raised and you cannot top-up the funds raised to $5,000, the funding will be directed into RUF's General Fund. This is still a 100% pass-through fund, so the money will be spent on nonprofit projects.

We can vet new organizations as long asΒ  Learn here about vetting new organizations.

You can fundraise for your own cause, as long as it is accepted and run in partnership with one of our existing affiliate or partner organizations.