Tasuleasa Social

Tasuleasa Social
ENVIRONMENT: For the Tășuleasa Social association, the most important values ​​are volunteering, organizational culture, respect for nature, educating young people through practical examples, and developing civic courage among young people.
Fundatia Conservation Carpathia (FCC)

European Wilderness Reserve
We are active for over 10 years in the conservation and restoration of the natural Carpathian ecosystem, for the benefit of biodiversity and local communities.
Food Waste Combat Cluj Project and Cluj Foodbank NGO: The Regional Foodbank of Cluj
We are a local Cluj NGO aiming at educating the Romanian public about food waste and its importance for each one of us and for our community. We are also focused on alleviating poverty by redistributing food surplus to charities via the Cluh Regional Food
Asociatia CIVICA
We help citizens get involved in solving problems in their local community