Pro Patrimonio

For 20 years the Pro Patrimonio has been stepping in to help rebuild and strengthen disadvantaged communities situated far away from developed areas almost everywhere in Romania. The aim is to reintroduce the recovered heritage, curre
La blouse roumaine IA Association

Art to wear, story to tell. Empowering communities through cultural heritage and design.
La blouse roumaine IA Association is a non-governmental organization founded in 2016 to support the efforts of La blouse roumaine community to promote, protect and value the Romanian traditional textile heritage in the contemporary creative context.
Asociatia Monumentum

Ambulance for Monuments
The "Ambulance for Monuments" project is targeting, in a desperate race against time, the salvation from collapse and degradation of hundreds of Romanian threatened historical buildings that are listed.
Asociatia CIVICA
We help citizens get involved in solving problems in their local community