Asociatia Monumentum

Ambulance for Monuments
The "Ambulance for Monuments" project is targeting, in a desperate race against time, the salvation from collapse and degradation of hundreds of Romanian threatened historical buildings that are listed.

Ambulance for Monuments

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Financed Projects

Asociatia MONUMENTUM (Monumentum Association) is a non-governmental organization set up in
2012 acting in favor of safeguarding the built heritage from Romania.

 The Ambulance for Monuments is the main project of Monumentum Association and aims to rescue hundreds of heritage-listed buildings in Romania.

 Their mission:

- interventions carried out by experts

- training students and artisans for future restorations

- involving the community and authorities in the process

- providing intervention kits and lorry equipment with tools and materials.


Besides Ambulance for monuments, the association has programs of photographic documentation and information panels. They organize workshops and have a primary focus on educating the young generation and showing them the tile production techniques.


Another important project is Mapping the traditional, which creates and promotes a map of local craftspeople and resources.


RUF partnered with Monumentum Association and raised money for the restoration of important monuments.

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