Funds Sources: Heritage Campaign

Project Name: We Make a Future Home

Link: Facebook Fundraiser

Community Partner: Asociatia Monumentum (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: February 2021

Financing: FUNDED

Project Status: Completed

Total Project Budget: $60,000 (incl. non-RUF sources)


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Short Description:

 The project launched is to rebuild the roof of Michael The Archangel Church in Gurasada, Hunedoara county, to preserve the endangered mural inside.



The Church “Archangel Saint Michael” from Gurasada, Hunedoara county is one of the oldest churches in Romania (XII century) and is also listed on the UNESCO tentative list in 2019. The interior painting has 2 layers, an earlier layer of painting (probably from the 13th or 14th century) is covered by an 18th-century painting. It is one of the oldest paintings in Romania but it is endangered by the leak of water through the damaged roof covering.

The purpose of the emergency intervention is to secure the roof structure and the mural painting, which is in great danger of degradation due to water infiltrations, as well as the replacement of the roof covering. The roof has deteriorated in an accelerated way lately, currently, there are water infiltrations that endanger the structure of the roof and the mural painting. It is proposed to secure the church by restoring the roof. The shingles will be replaced with one of the same type and size, and the existing degraded wood battens will be replaced with some similar ones. The type of shingles used in this church is unique in Romania is very rare and difficult to make. We have managed to find craftsmen who are still doing this type of shingles. The shingles were changed about 3 decades ago but were nailed just in one layer. This workshop will present an exemplary approach to
preserving and promoting diversity of expressing vernacular architecture in the context of so many improper interventions done lately on historical buildings in Romania.

Historic buildings have experienced excessive damage, due to lack of interest, lack of know-how, and abandonment. Many of these buildings are in danger of collapse and are not accessible beyond the local community. Furthermore, the low designation and preservation of the sites leave limited opportunities for valorization, which will enhance their potential to create sustainable economies around them. Preserving anthropogenic cultural heritage reduces the need to expand the cities and promotes the balance between
the natural ecosystem and the human habitat. The intervention will facilitate the promotion and accessing of cultural heritage, producing multiple positive impacts, including to the local community's quality of life. Improvement of the attractiveness of a settlement, resulting from the protection measures and the dissemination actions, can also increase visitors' number. We will further intensify the above impact by raising awareness of the relevant stakeholders on this sustainable approach's potential benefits.

The local community will be the direct beneficiary, as they still use this church for religious service and the volunteers who will enhance their hands-on training abilities.
The indirect beneficiaries are the specialists involved in the preservation of the monument, the large public that is interested in heritage and architecture, tour operators.



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Asociatia Monumentum


The "Ambulance for Monuments" project is targeting, in a desperate race against time, the salvation from collapse and degradation of hundreds of Romanian threatened historical buildings that are listed.