Intro Cybersecurity 

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What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Also known as information technology (IT) security, cybersecurity measures are designed to combat threats against networked systems and applications, whether those threats originate from inside or outside of an organization.

In 2020, the average cost of a data breach was USD 3.86 million globally, and USD 8.64 million in the United States. These costs include the expenses of discovering and responding to the breach, the cost of downtime and lost revenue, and the long-term reputational damage to a business and its brand.

Cybersecurity is an important subject for everyone, not just corporations. It’s also vital for our children to understand how to stay safe online, and the need to be aware of any dangers that might come their way. We, here at RUF, recognize the importance of this topic, and we want to not only empower our teens with the knowledge and skills to navigate the online world safely and responsibly but also to show them that they could be following a career in cybersecurity, as these jobs will be in high demand in the future.

Watch this short animation created by Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)of Canada for students


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What will you learn

  • Develop digital literacy skills through exploration
  • Increase or develop an understanding of cybersecurity and the risks associated with actions taken on the internet
  • Investigate careers that require the skills and knowledge taught by this program

Who should join this training

Teens, young or even more seasoned adults who are curious about cybersecurity and would like to learn and understand it better. Please allocate 4-6 hours for this event

Learning Outcomes

Students will be empowered to engage on the internet in a mindful and safe way and be aware of potential careers in IT and cybersecurity.

Did you know it takes just 5 minutes to hack a device?

Cybersecurity risk is on the rise and as we are spending an increasing amount of time online, our exposure is increased. However, when you are aware of the risks, it's easier to protect yourself. This program has been developed to help students learn how to mitigate their risks.

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