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Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 5:30 PM CST

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Math for the Champions! Are you ready to take your Math skills to the next level? Prepare for competition? This class is for you.

We teach kids Math while preparing them for a real-world contest: the Math Kangaroo test will take place in March.

What kids say about our class

Hundreds of Romanian American and Canadian kids, from Quebec to Florida to California and Washington, go through RUF's classes every year. In 2022, we have:

We teach fun and engaging Mathematics to kids that are ready to think out of the box while preparing for the annual Kangaroo Math, an annual international Mathematics competition. Millions of children around the world participate in Kangaroo every March.


Who should join this class:

  • Competitive Students who ❤️Math
    • We currently offer classes for 6-14 year olds (1st - 8th grade)
    • We are looking for teachers capable to teach 9-10th grade as well
  • Awesome Math 📈Teachers 👋

We are here to show you that MATH = FUN.

We encourage academic excellence in mathematics and prepare students to compete in the Kangaroo Math contest. The contest problems are provocative, require a great deal of attention and creative thinking, and cover interesting mathematical concepts. They aim to show the beauty of mathematics and, thus, increase the appreciation of mathematics. We believe many children are not challenged enough in the school system. This is why we offer mathematics enrichment programs accessible to all children. Even challenging mathematics can be taught in an interesting and fun way!

In this class, we learn how to think. We learn how to learn. We learn how to tackle any problem.

What you will learn:

We would like to underline that the problems and subjects in Kangaroo Math are presented in a fun and engaging fashion, that engages the child's mind at a higher logical level while preserving the interest in the subject.

The Kangaroo curriculum includes relatively advanced Mathematical concepts that exceed what is learned in class. The following concepts will be introduced, not only for the older kids but also for younger ones:

  • Logical deduction, induction, and formal reasoning techniques
  • Discrete Mathematics (number theory, counting, sets, and probabilities)
  • Plan and three-dimensional geometry (not usually treated elsewhere)
  • Basic combinatorics
  • Equations and systems of equations
  • Our problems do not include any Calculus or Precalculus topics

Program highlights:

  • Our competition curriculum is highly engaging, non-repetitive, and very different from school Math
  • Our battery of Math Kangaroo tests focuses on logical, out of the box critical thinking
  • You will gain real-world problem-solving skills
  • You will make new friends and have a little bit of fun
  • Upon completion, you will receive a certificate from RUF recognizing your success

Curriculum: Kangaroo Math 1-8 Grade Competition Level. Class groups are roughly matching grades 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8.

Trust us, this Math is fun, you will find it both challenging and engaging.

Module 1: October - December (10 sessions)

Module 2: January - March (10 sessions)

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