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Oct 3, 2022





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Fall Meet & Greet Session

Wednesday, Sep 21 and Sep 27, 2022

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Why should you join this class

Having basic personal financial skills is one of the most important things you can do to live a healthy, happy, and secure life.

As adults, we deal with our finances on a daily basis  through questions like:

  • The market is going up – should I participate?
  • I have some extra money, what should I do with it?
  • What’s a good interest rate and should I refinance?
  • How do loans work and how much is my monthly mortgage?


Looking back, it would have been good if we would have been prepared to answer these questions since we were kids.


With that in mind, our goal is to prepare the young generation to have a better understanding of their financial life and to be intentional about their financial future.


We will talk about trading and long-term investing, portfolios, and diversification. We will cover things like interest rates, stocks, stock market, bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Hedge Funds. 


The purpose of this class is to have the participants open an actual brokerage/trading account and start using financial instruments to understand how things work in real life. 

About the course

Starting Date: Oct 7, 2022

Class Teachers: Catalin Oancea, Mihai Lehene

Class Schedule: Once a month, First Friday of every month

Class Time: 5:00-5:45 PM CST (Chicago Time)

Target Audience: 10-18 year-olds (anyone below 99 allowed)

Class Format: Hybrid (In person at ROCO & Online via Zoom)

Class Link:

Class Password: See "Welcome" email for password (requires signup)

Value: $1,000



What you will learn

1. Learn to Read: A Market Crash Course
2. Learn to Analyze: Technical vs Fundamental
3. Opening a Trading Account
4. Technical Analysis: Charting Fundamentals
5. Fundamental Analysis: X-Ray of a Private Company
6. Practice Trading: Orders and Concepts
7. Position and Risk Management



  • In 2022, students are required to pay the full Course Fee if they are nonmembers.

    For members, only the registration fee is required. If one child takes multiple classes, one registration fee is required for each class.

    We want to offer our classes to everyone who has a high interest to learn. Therefore, we offer registration fee waivers for all families in need.

    Please note, registered volunteers do not have to pay the registration fee, but they still have to request a registration fee waiver.

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    NOTE: if you already paid the fee, but you are a volunteer or you did not know you qualified for a fee waiver, you can ask for a reimbursement

  • Little traders is a once-a-month year long class, starting in October, and ending in June.

  • The class is tailored for total beginners. No prior knowledge is required.

  • This class works best for anyone between 10 and 99 years old, that has no prior knowledge of markets, investing and trading. Smart 10 year olds get quite sophisticated, as most of them got really passionate about the subject.

    We've had kids as young as 6 attend this class successfully. This being said, those were exceptional cases.

  • In this class, we focus mostly on stocks and investing in the stock market. Because cryptocurrencies are "the cool" asset these days, we will definitely have quite a few lessons on cryptos as well.

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