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October 2023 (exact dates TBD)





2 x 10 weeks


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$100 ✨ 


Conquer math Kangaroo problems like never before! Learn and have fun in this adventure of knowledge and discovery. It's intense, invigorating, and undeniably enjoyable. Join us, regardless of who you are or where you're from, and unleash your inner math genius. Parents, beware! Once your child enters this world of mathematical adventures, there's no turning back. It's addictive in the best way possible. And here's a secret tip: bring a friend your age. Conquer math challenges and create incredible games together for an amplified thrill. Get ready to tap into your limitless potential and uncover the joy of mathematics.

Discover the thrill of our captivating course, crafted to soar your child's Math skills to unprecedented heights, equipping them for real-world challenges, including the prestigious Math Kangaroo competition held annually in March.


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Who should join this class

  • 🚀 Our competitive math programs is tailored for students aged 6-14 (1st - 8th grade). We have exceptional math educators.
  • And hey, if you're a math whiz capable of teaching any grade, we want you on our team too!
  • Get ready to discover the equation that truly counts: MATH = FUN. 🧮😄


What will you learn?

Join us on an exciting journey through Kangaroo Math, where we make learning an adventure! Our curriculum doesn't just teach, it captivates young minds with engaging challenges that elevate logical thinking and keep the spark of curiosity alive. Explore advanced mathematical concepts beyond the classroom level, and guess what? We're not just sharing these ideas with older kids; even our younger learners will embark on this thrilling mathematical expedition. Expect to learn the following concepts:

  • Logical deduction, induction, and formal reasoning techniques
  • Discrete Mathematics (number theory, counting, sets, and probabilities)
  • Plan and three-dimensional geometry (not usually treated elsewhere)
  • Basic combinatorics
  • Equations and systems of equations


Program Dates

Module 1: October - December (10 sessions)

Module 2: January - March (10 sessions)

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