When November 11, 2021 at 7:00pm CST 3 hrs
Where Friedman Properties’ Reid Murdoch Building 325 N LaSalle Dr, Chicago, IL 60654



November 11th, 2021, 7 PM CDT

Friedman Properties’ Reid Murdoch Building, 325 North LaSalle Street

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Mi-e Dor De Tine Chicago


Daisler Association from Cluj-Napoca and the Romanian United Fund, with the support of the Consulate General of Romania to Chicago, have the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition launch of the light artwork in the United States.

Two sister artworks also operating as answers to its call, "Și Mie" ("Me too") and "Te Aștept" ("I’m waiting for you") will light up in the Romanian cities of Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.

Join us for interviews, discussions, and photo opportunities. We will be joined by His Excellency, the Romanian Ambassador to the US, Mr. Andrei Muraru, and Consul General of Romania, Mr. Tiberiu Trifan.

We would be delighted to see you there. We kindly ask all participants to observe the COVID requirements on masking and social distancing.


The light installation "Mi-e Dor de Tine" lights up for the first time in the heart of one of the largest Romanian communities in the United States, in the metropolis of Chicago.

In a world in constant transformation, light connects. "Mi-e Dor De Tine" is the message that appeals every time to the core values we carry with us all over the world. In November 2021, the light installation created by Daisler Association and supported by CEC Bank will be lit for the first time in the heart of the largest Romanian community in the United States of America, in the metropolis of Chicago, a project also realized with the support of the Romanian United Fund.

Located on the Chicago River, in the heart of the "Windy City", the "Britannica" building will host for two months the installation dedicated to Romanians who are overwhelmed by this overwhelming feeling: longing. The installation tells them that they are not forgotten, that at home someone is waiting for them, that everything they do, they do for a greater purpose than themselves. More than 30,000 Romanians officially live in Chicago. Unofficially, over 100,000 in the Chicago Metro Area.

"Mi-e Dor De Tine" ("I Miss You") represents the powerful connection between us all and generates emotions that resonate with everyone, reminding us of the things that really matter.

"Lights On Romania is about fascinating stories and interesting places brought together by atypical light installations. Among them, "Mi-e Dor De Tine" is an installation that needs no introduction. A whole country knows what it stands for and resonates with this message. We have been working on this exhibition for almost 2 years, it has been incredibly challenging to bring these moments of comfort to the largest Romanian community overseas, but here we are. We are happy to be able to write together another page in the story of this light installation." - Andi Daiszler

The installation will be set up and lit on 5 November in the presence of the president of the Daisler Association, Andi Daiszler, who also created the installation "Mi-e Dor De Tine", and in the presence of representatives of the Romanian United Fund (RUF), a non-profit organization that brings together and runs projects for Romanians in the United States. RUF is a partner of the initiative.

The installation exhibited in Chicago will connect with its sisters in the country "Și Mie" and "Te Aștept" in a unique dialogue, imagined and created by Daisler Association as part of the light art festival Lights On Romania. The installation will be available for viewing until January 7, 2022.
CEC Bank supports us in comforting the longing of those far from home.

"We have been part of the lives of Romanians for 157 years and, wherever they are, we want to be close to them every moment. We have chosen to support this artistic project that touches so sensitively the current Romanian ethos", says Alexandra Frunză, Identity & Communication Director CEC Bank.

The installation crosses the borders of our country for the second time. Exactly two years ago, in November 2019, we gave this message to those living in the UK capital. The images from Canary Wharf London circled the internet, stirred strong emotions, and reminded viewers that they were not, for a moment, forgotten. We're looking forward to the next chapter in this story of longing and longing.

About Lights On:
Lights On is a festival of light installations launched by the Daisler Association in Cluj-Napoca in 2018. The event has quickly managed to attract fans from all walks of life because it promotes a new niche of visual arts in public spaces, some of the most unique urban activations but also fascinating cross-sector collaborations.
Lights On is part of the ILO (International Lights festival Organisation) network and is twinned with major international events such as the Canary Wharf Winter Lights and Glow Eindhoven light festivals and Fete des Lumiere, the world's largest light festival. The festival is organized and created by the Daisler Association in Cluj-Napoca, a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate processes of activation, reactivation, and urban transformation through creative and unique cultural initiatives. More information on www.lightsonromania.com.


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