Funds Sources: Facebook Birthday Campaigns

Project Name: Noi Facem Un Spital

Community Partner: Daruieste Viata (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: December 2022

Financing: COMPLETED

Project Status: In Development

Financed Amount: $13,277



Short Description:

#WeBuildAHospital Is the #HospitalOfFirsts

For the first time in 30 years, a Children's Hospital is being built from scratch. This is a unique initiative in Central and Eastern Europe. What kind of firsts does is bring to Romania?

  • The first Pediatric Radiotherapy department in a public hospital
  • A glass-only operating theater
  • State-of-the-art facilities: individual ICU wards, permanent training, multidisciplinarity
  • Patient-centered care, where children with cancer will have access to every procedure needed for treatment
  • Social spaces: a playroom, beds for the mothers, an astronomic observatory, a cinema, a radio studio, relaxation places, learning places etc.
  • Technology: digitization, state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment, a BMS system for the entire building, new technologies for the departments, an air treatment system
Daruieste Viata


We build and rebuild wings, hospitals and hopes. Through infrastructure, advocacy and communication projects we strive to offer patients in Romania better healthcare conditions and better chances to live. Our most ambitious project is We Build A Hospital