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Program Type: Bootcamp (1 Day)

Date: Mon, June 21st

Class Type: Zoom (Click Here, the password has been provided in your signup email)

Class Format: 3 x 2 hour sessions (10-12AM, 1-3PM, 3:30-5:30PM CST)

Target Audience: 10-99 (best suited for 10-18)

Class Teacher(s): Alice Sun, with support from Mihai Lehene & Eli Katz

Cost: Free (Priority seats offered to RUF members and Founding Angels)


  • access to an Apple computer
  • 17 GB of free space
  • MacOS version 11 or higher
  • an Apple ID login (username & password)

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Class Modules

  • 10-12 AM
    • Download and install XCode 
    • Introduction to XCode IDE
    • Introduction to SWIFT programming language
    • Who uses SWIFT and why
  • 1-3 PM
    • Quick review: variables, statements (if, for etc), functions
    • Wait what? what is the iPhone simulator? cool stuff
    • Building a basic app: Hello World!
  • 3:30-5:30 PM
    • Adding functionality
    • Creating a developer account
    • Uploading the app onto your iPhone
    • Finding more examples online

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