Dear Teacher,

Welcome to the Romanian Excellence Center

We have put together this brief first-timers intro, to help you better navigate the start of the year.


First Steps

When you start, your first contact will be with our Excellence Center Coordinators and Director.

As a teacher, you are joining specifically for one of the subjects that we currently teach: Math, Programming, Trading & of course, Romanian Language.

  1. Interview with the Excellence Center Director
  2. A dedicated WhatsApp group for you and other teachers, where you can ask questions and connect
  3. We will list your profile on the Excellence Center page

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What We Offer

At Romanian United Fund we believe everyone should have the ability to teach, as long as they have the qualifications to do so. Therefore, we focus on offering the platform, the curriculum and the tools you can use, so you can simply do what you love: teaching children in your community.


Β  * An online parent & student registration system

Β  * An online testing system (Math)

Β  * Class scheduling system

Β  * Teacher support

Β  * Access to Zoom classroom

Β  * Google classrooms readily setup for you

We hope you will not be disappointed: we don't have a professional system, but we have a system that works. We have been teaching for a while and we continue to improve every year. Every suggestion matters: send us your feedback.

About RUF: Romanian United Fund is the Romanian Diaspora engagement platform. Through education or financial donations, we strive to create the world's largest community of like-minded Romanians. Learn more

Tools We Use

  • Zoom
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Drive
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Jamboard (for Math)

Class Resources

Zoom Access:

Your Zoom room has been assigned to you beforehand. The links for the Zoom rooms are as follows:

* Make sure you are aware of your "host key"
** How to "claim host": Click on "Participants" and "Claim Host" in Participants tab.

Math Kangaroo Problems Set

Using Google Jamboard:

Best Practices

Setup the Parents & Kids Whatsapp Group

  • Invite everyone at the beginning of the semester

Announcing the class:

  • Announce the class to everyone before hand
    • on the WhatsApp group
    • and via text, if desired

Keeping attendance:

  • Use the class roster Spreadsheet provided to you by the teacher coordinatorsΒ for each class
    • keep track of who signed up for the test
    • keep dates sorted
    • share attendance with parents every once in a while (whatsapp)

Taking notes in Google Classroom:

  • One note every class:
    • Make a note of problems you solved (first/last/test)
  • Attach PDF of the classwork to notes
  • Write down what's the plan for next time

Assigning Homework:

  • Send a screenshot of the class/homework to whatsapp group

Zoom Participation:

  • Camera stays on at all times
  • Microphone stays on at all times (unless you have noise in the background)
  • If you need to leave, simply write a private chat note to teacher (no need to explain)
  • If you are late, simply join in (don't interrupt, don't have to explain)
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