• Use of Funds

    The Ukrainian Peace Fund is supported by Romanian Embassy to the US

    The funds will be used to purchase and provide Ukrainian refugees arriving in Romania with:

    • food &Β clothing
    • medicine &Β hygiene items
    • shelter, heating & necessary equipment
    • psychological, educational, and asylum support
    Learn more about our grantee partner organizations on the ground and our selection process.
    RUF is a 100% pass-through entity: every dollar donated is granted to a partner organization project, so you are guaranteed that every dollar you donated will make it to the affected area. Learn more on our website.
  • Grantee Organizations

    We have a responsibility to remit these funds as soon as possible, however, we also need to help as many people as possible, where they need it most.

    After careful evaluation of multiple organizations providing support to the refugees, we chose three already vetted non-profit organizations in Romania that are actively engaged in the crisis area and have shown a significant long-term commitment to the relief efforts.

    100% of the funds will be transparently granted to carefully vetted partners that are actively engaged in the crisis area, including Red Cross Romania, Save the Children Romania, and World Vision Romania.

    All three organizations areΒ highly reputable and have long-term ties to RUF, and they check all of our most important criteria for selection