Tășuleasa Camp

Tășuleasa, Piatra Fântânele

July 2nd - 9th, 2022

Age Group: 12-18 year olds

There's no better way to learn volunteering, respect for nature, and civic courage than joining the Tășuleasa Social camp. For 21 years, the association has been leading projects meant to pass these values to youngsters. One of the best ways for them to experience Tășu life is by taking part in a summer camp, offered in partnership with Romanian United Fund.

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    Tasuleasa Camp   

    Str. Obcioara, nr. 97, Piatra Fantanele

    Comuna Tiha Bargaului, Bistrita-Nasaud

Camp cost: $400 (does not include transportation). Pay here.

Availability: 2x12 groups of children, 12-15 and 15-18 respectively


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Parent Whatsapp group:https://chat.whatsapp.com/CrfraeLNjkR0pJTeggVLjN

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Camp Description

There aren’t better words to describe Tășuleasa Social than volunteering, respect for nature, education through examples, and civic courage. For 21 years, the association has been leading projects meant to pass these values to youngsters. One of the best ways for them to experience Tășu life is by taking part in a summer camp. We propose the concept of “Ro-connecting” with the purpose of facilitating the connection or reconnection between youngsters and Romania’s nature, culture, and social life reality. This is based on 4 areas of interest.

1. We learn about nature

Children and young adults learn about nature in the Pedagogical Forest. It is one of the most loved projects that Tășuleasa Social has ever made. It is a unique project both in Romania and Eastern Europe. Here, young people learn interactively, with the help of no less than 29 elements, about the relationship between people and nature, the circuit of water in nature, the society of trees, and many more. The activities in the Pedagogical Forest are held by Tășu volunteers, so the interaction between youngsters is maximum. Besides learning about nature, games and team-building specific activities are held in the Pedagogical Forest, with the aim of improving communication and teamwork.

2. Volunteering: an essential part of our life

We consider that volunteering is something that each and everyone should do at a point in their life. It is also one of the values that we have been promoting for 21 years. So, during camp days, the participants will take part in volunteering activities (extending the Pedagogical Forest, building a road, maintenance activities, greenings, and trail maintenance) both in the Tășuleasa Social campus and on the Via Transilvanica Trail.

3. Via Transilvanica: diversity and charm

Via Transilvanica is our largest and largest project to date. The route covers 1,400 km and passes through all the cultural, historical, and natural areas of Transylvania. To encourage people to set off, we built a “try-on” route. It is a 42 km circuit that starts and returns to the Tășuleasa Social campus. Although it is significantly shorter, it is no less impressive than its older sister trail. We propose hikes on this route to let the participants get a little taste of a long-distance trail (we do not exclude hiking other parts of the trail). At the same time, the circuit passes through villages and mountain villages, places where people live according to old traditions and customs. Thus, young people can also experience the reality of the rural social life in Romania.

4. Opening towards culture

Last but not least, the opportunity to get closer to another culture is an important step in the development of a young person. Therefore, we have in mind a Romanian cultural program at the end of each camp day. Movies, literature, and music are just some of the topics that will be addressed and then debated.


• We work the best with groups of 24 people.

• The age groups we work with are 12-15 years old and 15-18 years old.

• The group can be comprised of a single age group or it can be a mixed one, 12 of the children being 12-15 and the others 15-18.

• The group can have both Romanian-American children and their American friends, who are more than welcomed if interested.


• The Tășuleasa Social campus

• Accommodation in 2 mountain cottages with 12 beds each; each cottage has its own bathroom

• A sanitary house ( 3 showers - one for disabled people; 3 toilets; washing machines; clothes dryer)

• A 60 seat dining room; it can also be used as a meeting room or for indoor activities

• A stage

• The Pedagogical Forest

• 2 Toyota Landcruiser SUVs & 1 UTV ( dune buggy)

• The materials and logistic support for specific workshops

We have a crew of 10 English speaking volunteers and we promise you lots of fun and unforgettable moments.

Via Transilvanica


Inspired by El Camino, Pacific Crest Trail, and Appalachian Trail, Via Transilvanica is a 1,400 km long-distance trail for walking, cycling, and horse riding. It crisscrosses Romania from Putna to Drobeta Turnu-Severin, passing through 600 communities.