• Option 1, Tasuleasa Camp: Zelle/Quickpay $129 to Claudia Lehene at claudia.a.lehene(at)gmail(dot)com

    Options 2 & 3, Straja Camp: Zelle/Quickpay $129 to Ioana Salajanu at sedeidu(at)yahoo(dot)com


  • Parents are responsible to drop kids off at camps. This being said, there are several families that leave from Chicago before July 1st, and multiple families meeting in Cluj on July 1st - so we can arrange for you to join to group anywhere where it makes sense for you.



    July 2nd: Tasuleasa Camp: Kids meet at Sarmisegetuza Regia, in the Parking Lot, at 4 PM

    July 2nd: Straja Camp:



    July 9th: Tasuleasa, 12 PM (noon)

    July 8th: Straja Camp

    July 16

    Note: For 12-18 year olds attending both camps, transport by bus will be arranged from Tasuleasa to Straja on July 9th, for a small additional cost.

  • 1. 3 pairs of long pants
    2. 7 T-shirts
    3. 1 thicker blouse
    4. 2 hoodies
    5. 4 pairs of shorts
    6. 7 pairs of cotton socks
    7. 7 cotton underwear
    8. 1 pajamas
    9. 1 long-sleeved blouse
    10. Raincoat
    11. 2 briefs / swimsuit
    12. 1 jacket
    13. 1 hairbrush
    14. Backpacking bag
    15. Spray or sunscreen
    16. A favorite book to read
    17. Sneakers / hiking slippers
    18. Sandals or slippers
    19. Bath towel
    20. Face towel
    21. Toothpaste and toothbrush
    22. Soap, shampoo, shower gel
    23. A small bottle for liquids while hiking
    24. A flashlight (optional)
    25. Deodorant

  • For the Tasuleasa Camp

    This is the 12-18 years old camp, 2-9 of July

    For Tășuleasa (Tășu), you can pay on this page. For kids coming from Romania, payment can also be made at arrival in the camp in Romania. You can also join this whatsapp group and ask any question.

    For the Viata Camp

    Please contact Ioana Salajanu, [email protected], +41 78 654 59 00. She takes deposits $129 via Zelle at the email above. You can also join this whatsapp group and ask any question.