Funds SourcesUkrainian Peace Campaign

Project Name: Hope for Ukraine's Children

Donation Links: Ukrainian Peace Fund | UPF Facebook Fundraiser

Recipient Organization: World Vision Romania

Starting Date: March 2022

Financing: Financed

Project Status: In Development

Total Project Budget: $149,000 (incl. non-RUF sources)

Financed Amount: $64,380

RUF financed $64,380 out of $149,000 goal. Thank you for your support.


Short Description:

In a humanitarian crisis in which the safety, physical and emotional health, education, and well-being of 7.5 million children in Ukraine are deeply affected, World Vision Romania aims to protect these children through an intervention plan designed with its international experts in emergencies. Together with RUF, WorldVisionplans to buy and set up two mobile containers in which children can play, socialize, talk to a therapist, and forget for a moment about the horrors they went through. Containers are portable, so they can be moved wherever needed (near borders or near refugee centers).



Millions of lives, men, women, children, and the elderly are in danger because of bullets, tanks, and missiles piercing Ukraine in all directions during this period. In the first days of the war, 660,000 Ukrainians had already left their country, most of them mothers with children. And their number is constantly growing. All seek refuge in neighboring countries (Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary), where state authorities and civil society support them with emergency aid: food, medicine, clothing, transport, tents for transitions, or other accommodation. , legal advice for obtaining refugee status, as well as counseling.


Things are constantly changing at the borders and in the refugee centers, but the need for warm and child-friendly spaces remains constant. This need is evident given that most refugees come with their children and spend hours waiting at the border and in the refugee centers until they can go to other destinations.


The primary beneficiaries are the refugees’ children coming from Ukraine to Romania. We estimate the number of 500 children/month, a total of 3000 children in 6 months. Child-friendly spaces can be used by all children and adolescents (anyone under the age of 18); they are commonly used in working with vulnerable children and those who have experienced any kind of crisis, such as war.


Project Outputs:

- Create safe places for learning “Child-friendly Spaces/ Baby and Mother friendly Spaces” for mothers and children.

- Provide Psychosocial Support (PSS) to affected children – recreational, games, and therapeutic activities meant to heal the children.

- Provide social & psychological first aid and counseling services - positive coping mechanisms for parents and children that have been affected.

- Provide educational kit for children (*according to their age)


Project Estimated Impact:

The immediate result will be to provide refugee families, mostly mothers and children with a safe and appropriate space to receive educational support and counseling. This project will positively impact the emotional wellbeing of mothers and children, by bringing back a state of normality in their lives. The time spent in these child friendly spaces, with professionals, aims to help and motivate mothers to quickly recover from their trauma and take attitude towards a better future for themselves and their children, by providing emergency assistance for 5.000 victims of war (including mothers and children).



World Vision has received a $64,380 grant for two equipped containers for educational purposes with space for a kitchen to provide activities for children. Approximately 5000 Ukrainian mothers and children will benefit. The two containers will be displayed at the Siret border as needed based on the refugee's incoming flux, afterward being moved at the biggest refugees center that will exist, possibly in Bucharest.

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World Vision Romania is a NGO carrying out programs of education, emergency humanitarian intervention, development and advocacy, putting the welfare of the child at the core of its activity.