Campaign Name: United We Make a Difference

Campaign Start: Feb 25th, 2022

Campaign Platforms: website | facebook | instagram

Campaign Status: CLOSED

Campaign Funding: $207,902

Last update: April 30th, 2022



We #StandWithUkraine

Update April 30th, 2022: $13,000 Matching Funds CLOSED

Donate Ukrainian Peace Fund

In partnership with the Embassy of Romania to the United States. 100% of the funds go to carefully vetted partners active in the crisis area, including Red Cross Romania, Save the Children Romania, and World Vision Romania.

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April 30, 2022 Update

We are happy to report that RUF raised, on behalf of our Partners a total of $371,117 by April 30, 2022, as part of our Ukraine Peace Campaign. The money has been raised and is being distributed as follows:

Selection and approval

Our selection process started with an independent audit and evaluation by outside experts. During this stage of the process, an evaluation system was created, and subsequently, all projects received a discrete score from each evaluator.

On April 15th, 2022, an RUF committee was formed by members of the Board of Directors and RUF volunteers. The committee then selected the following organizatons/projects for financing. Two other projects were also selected for support using matching funds only.

Currently, several projects are in different stages of contracting and finance. We will continue to update our website as more changes occur. Thank you for your patience.

Learn more about the projects we financed on our projects page.

May 16th micro update

As of today, the funding has also been made to the following organizations: ARC (wired), Fundatia Margareta(wired), Code for Romania(wired), Geeks for Dem(wired), UiPath(wired)

Use of Funds

You gave because you wanted to provide relief to the people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Also because RUF is a 100% pass-through organization.

The funds you raised will be used to purchase and provide Ukrainian refugees with:

  • food & clothing
  • medicine & hygiene items
  • shelter, heating & necessary equipment
  • psychological, educational, and asylum support

Recipient Organizations

100% of the funds will be transparently granted to carefully vetted partners that are actively engaged in the crisis area, including Red Cross Romania, Save the Children Romania, and World Vision Romania. All three organizations are highly reputable and have long-term ties to RUF.

We have a responsibility to remit these funds as soon as possible. However, we also need to help as many people as possible where they need it most.

After careful evaluation of multiple organizations providing support to the refugees, we chose three already vetted non-profit organizations in Romania that are actively engaged in the crisis area and have shown a significant long-term commitment to the relief efforts.

Criteria for Selection

In creating the selection and evaluation grid for our partners, we worked with independent experts from RUF's Board of Advisors.

The criteria for the selection of our grantee/recipient organizations are:

  • Long term commitment to the relief efforts
  • Actively engaged in the crisis area
  • Institutional capacity to deal with international crises
  • Commitment to transparency (budget, audit, reporting)
  • Services offered (medicine, hygiene, shelter, etc)
  • Experience in working with RUF

Our Partners

We are grateful for the support of the Consulate General of Chicago, The Federation of Romanian American Organizations, Repatriot, the Romanian Cultural Institute, and the FORA member organizations: Romanul CT, Immigration Research Forum, ARCS Project, Alianta, ARCHER, Association of Romanians in New England, Bucharest Inside the Beltway, Children's International NFP, HORA in Minnesota, Making Waves, Romanian American Freedom Alliance, Romanian at Heart, Romanians of DC. 

Ukraine Peace Campaign Volunteers