Funds SourcesUkrainian Peace Campaign

Project Name: Hope for Ukraine. Power from All Fund

Donation Links: Ukrainian Peace Fund | UPF Facebook Fundraiser

Recipient Organization: Asociatia pentru Relatii Comunitare (ARC)

Starting Date: March 2022

Financing: Financed 

Project Status: In Development

Total Project Budget: $20,000

Financed Amount: $20,000


RUF financed $20,000 out of $20,000 goal. Thank you for your support.


Short Description

In March 2022, ARC launched " Hope for Ukraine. Strength from all “Fund and eight other organizations and federations to coordinate resources and funding for over 70 NGOs. The project's two main goals are to provide immediate support and relief to NGOs working directly with refugees and provide resources to cover housing costs, utility bills for refugee centers, and professionalization of staff dealing with refugees.



Through this fund, ARC wants to take the fundraising pressure from the organizations present in the field. Romania cannot handle the urgent and specialized needs of the Ukrainian refugees. Although there was an incredible wave of generosity in the first weeks of the war, the NGOs working with refugees are overworked, burned out, and unpaid, and any strategic program doesn’t cover their costs. Most of the Ukrainian translators are volunteers, and many are students. This vital resource needs to be increased, empowered, and trained to deal with complex cases at the crossing or transit centers.

There’s a small number of social services officers. The state doesn’t have a proper strategy to increase its number, and those from the NGO sector can’t respond to all the present needs. The NGOs have created crisis centers to accommodate the Ukrainian refugees, but they struggle to cover the utility bills.

ARC’s fund will provide the vital relief these organizations need to be able to offer their services medium term. We want to ensure that their efforts won’t endanger their stability or weaken their impact.


Photo credit: Inquam Photos / Adriana Neagoe, Andrei Dăscălescu 

ARC (Asociatia Pentru Relatii Comunitare)


Every community has the resources to become a better and stronger home for those living there. The Association for Community Relations has the mission to discover, cultivate and use these resources to give people hope and a framework in which they can act