Funds SourcesUkrainian Peace Campaign

Project Name: Aid for Refugees

Donation Links: Ukrainian Peace Fund | UPF Facebook Fundraiser

Recipient Organization: Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria

Starting Date: April 2022

Financing: Financed 

Project Status: In Development

Total Project Budget: $20,000

Financed Amount: $8,000


RUF financed $8,000 out of $20,000 goal. Thank you for your support.


Short Description

The project aims to help free medical care refugees from Ukraine who will stay or are in transit in Romania and are sheltered in institutional or private refugee centers in Bucharest and its surroundings. We intend to prepare and urgently use 3 to 5 mobile units, the related medical staff (doctors and nurses), and the ambulance.

We intend to prepare and urgently use 3 to 5 mobile units, the related medical staff (doctors and nurses), and the ambulance. After the refugee crisis, the division thus established will continue to provide home medical services to underprivileged people. Benefiting from the Foundation's experience in similar projects, it will become an independent medical and social entrepreneurship project capable of providing up to 23.000 medical services per year, 30% provided to social patients (Ukrainians included).



The project “Mobile Medical Care” will continue to provide medical assistance to Ukrainian refugees in Bucharest and its surroundings. Inovatii Sociale Foundation started with a small, equipped team that visited some refugee centers. We have noticed again that the need for medical assistance is enormous and that we were the only ones doing it. By connecting with all coordinators of the refugee centers, we were called each time someone felt sick and were in contact with the City Hall of Ilfov and Bucharest, DSU, and DGASMB (state social assistance).

Between March 10th and April 18, we visited over 325 patients in 13 centers (several times in some of them). Here we discovered a lot of dramatic cases where the situation could be fatal without our help. Some patients were at risk of death, and just because we were there and we noticed their condition, they had the chance to survive. 

Our activities will include:

  • Medical assistance at the shelters to adults and children (consultation, ultrasounds, diagnosis, offering medications).
  • Help with hospital transfer.
  • Assistance with embassies (for Ukrainian citizens of other origins, primarily Jewish and Indian).

The beneficiaries will:

  • heal their physical wounds
  • develop a foundation for emotional healing, develop a feeling of trust, and not be sick and lonely.
  • build a relationship of trust in the Romanian medical system and Romanian doctors 
  • feel more at ease, cared for, and comfortable in the shelters.
  • those who want to stay and build their new life in Romania have the possibility of searching for jobs and finding their dignity and place in the society
Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria


Is a non-governmental charity organization dedicated to integrated medical assistance for people with no income and without medical insurance and for people with low incomes in Bucharest, through the Social Polyclinics.