Funds SourcesUkrainian Peace Campaign

Project Name: Aid for Refugees

Donation Links: Ukrainian Peace Fund | UPF Facebook Fundraiser

Recipient Organization: Fundatia Regala Principesa Margareta a Romaniei

Starting Date: March 2022

Financing: Financed 

Project Status: In Development

Total Project Budget: $20,000

Financed Amount: $20,000


RUF financed $20,000 out of $20,000 goal. Thank you for your support.


Short Description

The AID FOR REFUGEES project launched in the first days of March 2022, when families with children were fleeing the war to cross the border to Romania. More than 160 refugees who arrived in Bucharest received immediate support through the Foundation - accommodation in a partner hotel unit, three hot meals per day, social counseling, transport or transfers to the bus stations or airport, and individually personalized assistance as needed to each family. Some refugees continued their journey to other countries or found long-term solutions in Romania.

Starting in April, the AID FOR REFUGEES expanded to support the urgent or medium-term needs of refugee families with children, offering support to other NGOs working on the borders of Ukraine or implementing activities in other areas of the country. We also provide hosting, educational activities, and social counseling to a steady number of 70 refugees arriving in Bucharest, primarily mothers, children, and the elderly.



AID FOR REFUGEES ensures direct support of refugees arriving in Romania, with hosting and essential services in Bucharest or supporting organizations working directly with refugees in areas close to the borders or hosted in other communities. We aim to serve more than 1250 refugees with first aid and short-term social support so mothers, children, and the elderly can find safety and ensure their basic needs.  

Support services for the basic needs of refugees as accommodation, hot meals, transport or transfers, medical services, Direct material aid such as food products or packages, personal care and sanitary products, clothing, toys, school supplies, and supplies needed to support activities in accommodation centers or transit points Counseling and assistance for refugees as children dedicated activities, legal advice for getting state aid or necessary documents, social counseling for integration in Romania.

The Margareta Of Romania Royal Foundation


The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation was established in 1990 by Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, together with her father, King Michael. During its 28 years of work, the Foundation developed a wide variety of sustainable projec