Funds Sources: Education Campaign

Project Name: Learn to succeed

Link: Facebook Fundraiser

Community Partner: United Way Romania (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: ongoing project

Financing: Targeting $30,000

Project Status: OPEN 

Total Project Budget: $100.000 (incl. non-RUF sources) – with this sum we are able to offer support for one year to 315 children, 125 parents, and 60 teachers.


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Short Description:

„Learn to succeed” is United Way Romania’s educational program, which fights school abandonment in poor urban and rural communities, where the children’s education is not a priority, but the struggle to find resources to survive another day.

The program has an integrated model, where actions are built around children's needs, however parents, teachers, volunteers and local non-governmental associations work together to solve the problem of school dropout, which is not one of the child, but of the entire community.

By covering all the needs of the children, material, educational, and even offering parental support, the program has a major impact on the children`s lives. Thus, children's chances of breaking the barriers of poverty and having a positive impact on the community increase significantly.

The results of the project help us create enduring changes, at the child and family level, yet additionally at the local area level.


Program details:

"Learn to Succeed" aims to improve children's lives through access to education, and its main objectives are:

- Increasing the school presence of children from vulnerable backgrounds;

- Improving the school situation of children in the program through tutoring and mentoring activities;

- Improving the teaching and empathy skills of teachers working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds;

- Increasing the number of adolescents who continue their education and prepare to enter the labor market;

- Developing awareness of the importance of education at the level of parents. 

Main activities:

  • Providing after school programs for children
  • Providing school materials and financial support for children
  • Training for teachers
  • Support with tutors and volunteers
  • Training for parents

How can one help

You too can help change the life of one vulnerable child for the better by providing the much-needed support to continue education:

Here is the impact of your donation:

  • $100 - offers help with homework and access to educational activities for a group of 15 children for one week;
  • $75 - provides a set of warm clothes for autumn and winter to a vulnerable child;
  • $50 - offers a complete set for school supplies (supplies 35$+ backpack 15$);
  • $35 - covers the cost for a pair of winter shoes;
  • $20 - provides a warm meal for one child for a week.

Together we can continue the fight against school dropouts!



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