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June 22, 2023




Virtually on Zoom

2h/week + homework

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Meet our Tutor

Tudor Braicu

Volunteer Tutor
Tudor, born in Romania, embarked on a twelve-year adventure in Berlin before moving to the Bay Area two years ago. Tudor is eager to share his passion for mathematics and make a positive impact in his community.

Conquer math Kangaroo problems like never before! Learn and have fun in this adventure of knowledge and discovery. It's intense, invigorating, and undeniably enjoyable. Join us, regardless of who you are or where you're from, and unleash your inner math genius. Parents, beware! Once your child enters this world of mathematical adventures, there's no turning back. It's addictive in the best way possible. And here's a secret tip: bring a friend your age. Conquer math challenges and create incredible games together for an amplified thrill. Get ready to tap into your limitless potential and uncover the joy of mathematics.

Class Dates

Classes will start as soon as we have our groups formed and will take place during summer months on:

  • Mondays, 11am -1pm PST (1-3pm CST)
  • Wednesdays 11am -1pm PST (1-3pm CST)

Class Format

Virtually on Zoom 

What should you expect

The problems and subjects in Kangaroo Math are presented in a fun and engaging fashion, that engages the child's mind at a higher logical level while preserving the interest in the subject.

The Kangaroo curriculum includes relatively advanced Mathematical concepts that exceed what is learned in class. The following concepts will be introduced, not only for the older kids but also for younger ones:

  • Logical deduction, induction, and formal reasoning techniques
  • Discrete Mathematics (number theory, counting, sets, and probabilities)
  • Plan and three-dimensional geometry (not usually treated elsewhere)
  • Basic combinatorics
  • Equations and systems of equations
  • Our problems do not include any Calculus or Precalculus topics
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