Funds Sources: Healthcare Campaign

Project Name: Together for a change at childhoodDaruieste Viata Impreuna Sanse Copilarie

Link: Facebook Fundraiser

Community Partner: Daruieste Viata (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: July 2021

Financing: Funded

Project Status: In Development

Total Project Budget: $87,000 (incl. non-RUF sources)


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Short Description:

Daruieste Viata launched the campaign Together for a chance at childhood which aims to increase the quality of life for children who undergo hemodialysis at the Marie Curie Hospital Center.



 The hospital center is currently equipped with 7 hemodialysis machines, 3 of which have exceeded the number of hours of hemodialysis they can process. The other 4 are technologically outdated. This wearing of the machines increases the adverse effects of hemodialysis on the patients. Because of these conditions, Daruieste Viata would like to support the children needing this treatment by supplying the center with 2 high-performance machines that will reduce the adverse effects of hemodialysis.

Daruieste Viata


We build and rebuild wings, hospitals and hopes. Through infrastructure, advocacy and communication projects we strive to offer patients in Romania better healthcare conditions and better chances to live. Our most ambitious project is We Build A Hospital