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1 in 10 people live on an island
1 in 10 people are left-handed
1 in 10 is what we call โ€œ unusualโ€
1 in 10 kilometers on Via Transilvanica has been purchased through RUF

The people who made this possible make for one unusual, uncommon, notables, noteworthy, remarkable, outstanding, unique group. So notable that we think that the names of the donors should be known. Here they are. Hats off to them, we bow in gratitude and send their way 100 in 10 thanks.

Via Transilvanica Donors*

Adina Gherman Casandra Rdzak Geneva Pinte Monica Lorinz
Adina Horga Catalin Ciociu George Pop Monica Moigradan
Adina Lepadatu Catalin Nicolae Ghita Sadu Monica Zaha
Adina Sandu Catalin Oancea Horatiu Hadarean Monika Daraban
Adrian Angyalosy Catalin Serban Horatiu Suciu Nicoleta Blajan
Adrian Antal Cerasella Stan Ilie Rusu Oana Pastean
Adrian Filip Ciprian Ciutre Ioan Guset Ovidiu Pop
Adrian Muresan Claudia Lehene Ioana Ardelean Ovidiu Stoica
Adrian Nechiti Claudia Zah Ioana Avram Paul Amaria
Adrian Oros Claudiu Cimpean Ioana Fratean Paul Dinea
Adrian Parv Claudiu Cionca Ioana Salajanu Paul Miclea
Adrian Popan Claudiu Radu Ioana Savos Paula Cernucan
Adrian Tudor Claudiu Rus Ionut Nemes Petre Pruneanu
Adriana Merghisescu Codrin Arsene Irina Irimia Nedeljkovic Petruc Constantin
Adriana Rosca Codruta Trif Iulia Barbos Radu Apostoaia
Alex Hulpe Cody Barbu Iulia Ilie Radu Avram
Alex Tita Corina Danciutiu Iuliana Blumenfeld Radu Claudiu
Alexandra Bozga Corina Gusatu John M. Raluca Hulea
Alexandra Ghibilic Cosmin Moldovan Julius Dimas Raluca Manea
Alexandru Moisuc Cosmin Toma Justin Filip Raluca Motoi
Alin Julian Cosmina Ungur Laura Hintescu Raluca Nicolae
Alina Crisan Cristi Luput Laurentiu Nicolae Raluca Usery
Alina Cumpan Georgiana Merdariu Lavinia Covaciu Ramona Baltat
Alina Jiletcovici Cristi Solea Lavinia Tomescu Razvan Cocis
Alina Sulici Cristian Bodi Leona Reyna Razvan Csabai
Alina Vance Cristian Coca Leontina Vidican Relu Stan
Amalia Dinea Cristian Holom Liana Sava Robert Ardelean
Ana Maria Grecu Cristian Ilonta Lidia Moldovan Roberta Petrescu
Ana Neamt Cristian Luput Ligia Apostoaia Rodica Ciorba
Anamaria Neamt Cristian Merdariu Liliana Ilut Romania100
Anca Boros Cristian Milas Lorin Blumenfeld Roxana Iacob
Anca Butas Cristian Sabo Lucian Lintean Rusalina Mincu
Anca Ciascaiu Cristian Steff Lucian Medrea Ruxandra Vidican
Anca Dobocan Cristiana Crin Lucian Pop Sabin Farcas
Anca Nemes Cristina Gruia Zaharia Marcel Belei Sabin Oltean
Ancuta Paduran Cristina Zaharia Marcel Podar Sal Moldovan
Anda Ginsberg Cristo Zamfirescu Maria Moldovan Sanda Gliga
Andra Munteanu Dan Albus Maria Molnar Sandra Valceanu
Andra Peca Dan Alic Marian Petruta Sebastian Ardelean
Andra Stanciu Dan Bodea Mariana Cuceu Sebastian Burca
Andreea Coca Dan Cosma Mariana Torz Sebastian Demian
Andreea Husejnovic Dan Nicolae Marioara Vladusel Sebastian Micle
Andreea Moldovan Dan Padurar Marius Ghelan Silvia Patrascan
Andrei Cioban Dan Patrascan Marius Horga Silviu Fodor
Andrei Lapusan Dan Sime Marius Maries Silviu Uivlis
Andrei Vaslavschi Dan Tomei Marius Moldovan Simona Bucureci
Ariana Drule Daniel Sime Marius Scaunas Simona Oarga
Arpad Molnar Daniela Duta Marius Talos Sorin Butaci
Aurel Busu Daniela Filip Kovacs Melania Rednic Sorin Mirea
Aurelia Rosca Diana Aciu Mihaela Campion Sorin Pintiliuc
Bianca Baciu Diana Dumitru Mihaela Livanu Sorin Suteu
Bianca Belei Diana Holom Mihaela Stoica Stefan Cristoltean
Bianca Dobocan Diana Ilut Mihaela Tita Stefania Suciu
Bogdan Buzatu Diana Utan Mihaela Zahariuc Stelian Danciutiu
Bogdan Buzea Diana Varva Mihai Aciu Steven Bonica
Bogdan Fechete Dona Dinescu Mihai Bora Tudor Ancas
Bogdan Nastase Dragos Vox Maris Mihai Lehene Vadim Golub
Bogdan Rus Dumitru Cordos Mihai Pop Valentin Daraban
Bogdan Solomie Elena Chapko Minerva Grama Vasile Blaga
Bogdan Tarau Elena Tsaliocoglu Mircea Campean Vasile Gherasim
Bogdan Vintilescu Elena Tsitsopoulos Mircea Coca Vasile Talos
Calin Marincas Florina Eliescu Mirela Birta Vera Oncica
Calin Moigradan Gabi Vlas Miruna Zamfirescu Viorel Chis
Camelia Coca Gabi Zaharia Monel Sabou Virgil Tiran
Carmen Gheorghiu Gabriela Cosma Monica Bora Vlad Todea
Carmen Matache Gabriela Hanta Monica Gegiu Georgiana & Anthony Anton
Sonia Dumitru Stefana Hentea Ana-Maria Negotei Anonymous
Simona Ilies Peyton Barney Dumitru Hantig Luch Grosu
Mariana Muresan Melania Revnic Bianca Tatucu Veronica Ciobotaru
Cristina Szabo Maria & Filonas Puscas FLorin Miron Robert Pascu
Persida Bularca Adriana Uritescu Savel Dorneanu Zoica Rascol Stroe
Alexandra Bogza Val Daraban Catalina Burghelea Vasile Botis
Adrian Calugar Flori Opris Daniel & Luca Hanta Butz Diana & Dan Wolf
Cristina si Gabriel Zaharia Adelina & Andrei Orban Vasile lapadat Catalin Vultur
Hans Anger Ioana Rodica Stoica Bianca & Marcel Belei Lucian Tira
Liviu Florioaie Daniela Filip Kovacs Marius Duduman Radu Mondescu
Ionut Tulai John Tocora Eduard Seitan Andreea Rebaltescu
Andrei Buluc Anca & Paul Miclea Catalina Deac Adrian Hochstadt
Vlad Bucur Adelina & Marius Balog Paul Vomir Jeremy Schupp
Nicoleta Pederson Felicia & Dan Tanco Amanda & Marius Butas Ioan Vlad Uilecan
Teodora Filip George Dobra Vlad Vitoc Valentin Serban
Diana Tiganus Alina Panait Ladybug Daycare Monika Calugar
Sebastian Secan Adina Pascu Ionut Motoc Amalia Handabut
Kevin Aung Catalin Juncan Miski Mihailescu Anca Padurean
Lavinia Pop Carmen Sauciuc-Osz Alin Chis Diana Damian
Raluca Moldovan Ioana & Ionut Guset CLaudia Medrea Olivia Frustis
Mihaela Chiselite Ana Maria Grecu adrian Parapanta Diane Iorio
Daniela Hadade Sergiu Lazar Sentiment Foundation Alexander Turik
Catalina Ocolisan Hector Mayo Lavinia Shimkus Laurentia Nodit
Mirela Dalton Christine Trakas Marius Stan Costin M. Lixandru
Cristina Morar Mircea Lazar Gabriel Nicolescou Ioana Dobreanu-Urzica
Tudor Adrian Marcus Grecu Mihaela White Horia Dobrean Pop
Diana Muresan Flavius Iepure Julie Cominos Alexandru Dobrean Pop
Khalid Hassan Bogdan Drutu Ted Cominos Marius Pop
Paula Anton Ramona Stefanescu Nathanial Haynes Sofie Ioana Dobreanu Pop
Ramona Sandru & Andreas Dellatorre Octavian Voicu Eli Katz Cristina & John Muntean
Florina & Sorin Eliescu Sorin Jurca Jeffrey Waters Lucian Stoica
Ramona Lotrean George Ciorba Alexander Hergan Dan Opre
Radu Lotrean Kenneth Olson Adriana & Marius Olteanu Adrian Uzun
Adrian Pop Ramona Olson Renata & Rares Gherghiceanu Vasile Simisnean
Leona Reyna & Adrian Herban Jack George Olson Sonia Emanuel Doru Tudurean
Jeffrey Waters Emma Olson Simona & Ovidiu Haiduc Marius Dinulescu
Florin Chereji Ionut Bikis Daniela & Ionel Raicu Cristi Marincas
Dan Serban Adriana Bikis Alina & Gusti Haidau Stefan Linca Pinca
Andra Peca & Alexandru Huzmezan Oliver George Bikis Irina Pacheco Corneliu Caprar
Radu Claudiu Gheorghe Poptile Oana Cheta Cristina Popovici
Stefania & Horatiu Suciu Ioana Poptile Marcel Petrutiu Nico Waraska
Luminita Ispas Harris Sukur Remus Iacob Nick Varaska
Eugene Mandrea Doina Sulici Radu Gut Bianca Dobra
Catalina & Lucian Grija Alexandru Cumpan Andrei Muresan Ioana & Gerard Donald
Lavinia & Val Tomescu Laurentiu Vlad Liviu Soneriu Lucia & Liviu Cismas
Silvia Seitan Valentin Vadas Alexandru Buzura Diana & Vasile Roza
Iulia & Ionut Dima Sorin Opre Alex Marginean Alexandru Hulpe
Daniela Voller Monica Ferchi Mike Dinescu Diana Soproni
Cristina Costea Ana Maria Negru Adrian Uzum Ramona Dancu
Nick Waraksa Nicoleta Waraksa Liviu Olos Cristian Nastor
Iuliana Lixandru Sonia Negre George Dinulescu Irina Goci
Rodica Ilca Biserica Greco-Catolica Sf. Mihail, Aurora, IL Mike Dinescu ย 

* Please note this list is updated manually. Its last update was on 1/4/2022.