The core team of volunteers includes 5-10 volunteers at any time and requires 4-10 hours/week.

The larger RUF team of volunteers is close to 200.

RUF Volunteers are supported by RUF's staff made up of 2 full-time employees, one part-time employee, and Mihai Lehene (unpaid President and Executive Director). We are super thankful to all our volunteers that are making RUF and ROCO possible: watch our volunteer thank you. While you're on this page, you might want to learn more about our volunteering opportunities.

Luciana Nemtanu
Ion Busu
Alina Cumpan
Stefan Bota
Cristina Costea
Sebastian Teodoru
Bianca Mancas
Paula Cernucan
Liana Sava
Lia Dancu
Onita Circu
Camelia Rosca
Iulia Dima
Claudia Lehene
Gabriela Hanta
Florina Eliescu
Ana Nedelcu
Andreea Mottram
Bogdan Solomie
Eduard Balog
Marius Stan
Constantin Wolf
Stefania Suciu
Ariana Drule
Marcel Petrutiu
Ioana Laine
Gabriela Cosma
Adrian Popan
Catalin Maticiuc
Florin Pricop