MagiCAMP (Asociatia Magic)
HEALTHCARE/SOCIAL: MagiCAMP (Asociatia Magic) is a nonprofit association that provides therapeutic recreation, accommodation, financial support, and a wide range of benefits to children diagnosed with cancer and their families.

MagiCAMP (Asociatia Magic)

Born out of the MagiCAMP camps in 2014, the Magic world today includes 12 projects and has helped over 5,000 beneficiaries through the involvement of over 2000 volunteers.

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Financed Projects

MagiCAMP (Asociatia Magic) was RUF's Flagship partner in 2020. Magic is also the largest institutional partner in our Coronavirus Campaign, with more than $500,000 raised online for their "Emergency Fund for Hospitals" in Romania.

In 2021, RUF's Project of the Year was the Play for Good MagiCAMP fundraising campaign to support 250 kids with life-limiting conditions. Paula Seling was the campaign ambassador and created a reinterpretation of the β€œO Lume Minunata” song and a video in MagiCAMP to promote the campaign. Both RUF and Magic teams generated call-to-action communication to get as many fundraisers as possible.

Play for Good by numbers:

  • One-week Camps for 95 children and 54 parents
  • Therme/Waterpark one-day pass for 132 children and 127 adults
  • one-day entertaining events 71 children 84 parents
  • Total Beneficiaries: 298 children and 265 parents

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