magic_kit.jpgProject Name: Protection kits for chronically ill and financially vulnerable children

Community Partner: Asociatia Magic

Date: May 15, 2020


RUF Funds Sources: RUF Emergency Fund

Total Project Budget: $70,540 (incl. non-RUF sources)

RUF Proposed Financing: $15,000. Financed Amount: $15,000 (100%)


The goal is to protect vulnerable children with severe conditions from getting infected with the new coronavirus by providing them and their families with face masks, disinfectants and personal hygiene products. The kit will contain also educative games and books in order to make the quarantine time more bearable.


Project Proposal




Mihai Lehene


Mihai is a Founding Member and the President of RUF. Passionate and caring, Mihai’s goal is to inspire all around him to be better and help each other, especially his fellow Romanian Americans.