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Get ready to embark on your trip to Transylvania. On this page, you will learn everything you need to know about the Via Transilvanica trip, taking place July 2nd-12th, 2020.

Via Transilvanica is a 1,000 km hiking trail that will reposition Romania on the world tourism map. Together we will discover the backcountry of Transylvania.


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Trip Organizers:

This trip is organized by Mihai Lehene in collaboration with Alin Useriu of Tasuleasa Social, the nonprofit behind Via Transilvanica.

Trip Cost:

The actual lodging and food during the trip are very cheap. You only pay for your own expenses, so this may be variable, but our estimate is about $1,000 per person, including travel, room & board (excluding international air fare). This does not include any donations or fees/funds for either Romanian United Fund or Tasuleasa Social. Donations are always welcome and highly encouraged.

Trip Route:

Arrival: Cluj, July 1st

Jul 1  Cluj (Meet & Sleep in Cluj)
Jul 2  Sarmisegetuza Regia
Jul 3  Fundatura Ponorului (tents)
Jul 4  Hobita (Retezat/Sureanu)
Jul 5  Salasul de Sus
Jul 6  Salasul de Sus
Jul 7  Travel to Tasuleasa Social
Jul 8  Tasuleasa Social
Jul 9  Travel to Cluj/Straja


Hiking Route:

Jul 3: Hike from Sarmisegetuza Regia to Fundatura Ponorului

Jul 4: Hike from Fundatura Ponorului to Hobita (Retezat)

Jul 5: Hike from Hobita to Salasul de Sus

Jul 6: Hike from Salasul de Sus to Salasul de Sus (circle)


Join the Group:

A small group will meet in Cluj on or around July 1st in the evening.

The next morning, groups from Cluj, Zalau, Baia Mare, Alba Iulia will start towards Sarmisegetuza Regia.

The main group meets on July 2nd, at Cetatea Malaiesti, near Sarmisegetuza Regia. On that day, we will join the Via Transilvanica section launch at 12 PM. A second meetup point is the Sarmisegetuza Regia Parking lot, at 4 PM. We start hiking on July 3rd in the morning.

Some people may desire to join the second leg of the trip, July 7 - July 9, at Tasuleasa Social.

Stay in touch: Join our Whatsapp group.


Confirmed participants:

Updated as of: January 1st, 2022

TOTAL 42     9   12
  # of people signup date   Tasuleasa Camp   Little kids camp
Annie & Jimmy Faklis 2 08/05/2021   Nicky Moigradan   Eliza Luput
Claudia & Mihai Lehene 2 08/05/2021   Alexandra Lehene   Maya Daraban
Gabriela & Alex Turik 2 08/05/2021   Stefan Lehene   Noah Daraban
Keith Kirkland 1 08/05/2021   David Bora   Robert Apostoaia
Monica Ferchi & guest 2 08/06/2021   Gruia Radu   David Apostoaia
Ioana Salajanu 1 08/06/2021   Ana Guset   Denisa Zaharia
Ioana & Sebastian Micle 2 11/02/2021   Justin Luput   Lucas Guset
Monica & Calin Moigradan 2 11/02/2021   Alexa Zaharia   Sofia Bodi
Monica & Mihai Bora 2 11/02/2021   Timea Nagy   Sara Bodi
Mona & Claudiu Radu 2 11/02/2021       Sebastian Antal
Ioana & Ionut Guset 2 11/02/2021       Alexandru Antal
Anca & Cristian Pop 2 11/02/2021       Andrei Antal
Simona & Cristian Luput 2 11/02/2021        
Liviu & Anamaria Olos 2 11/02/2021        
Cristina & Gabi Zaharia 2 11/02/2021        
Chichita & Chisu 2 11/02/2021        
Ligia & Radu Apostoaia 2 11/02/2021        
Alex & Daniela 2 11/02/2021        
Marina & Aurel Busu 2 12/15/2021        
Diana Muresan & guest 2 12/15/2021        
Lavinia & Viorel 2 12/24/2021        
Monica Ferchi's 2 guests 2 12/31/2021        


View our trekking and day by day person count spreadsheet.

Via Transilvanica


Inspired by El Camino, Pacific Crest Trail, and Appalachian Trail, Via Transilvanica is a 1,400 km long-distance trail for walking, cycling, and horse riding. It crisscrosses Romania from Putna to Drobeta Turnu-Severin, passing through 600 communities.