financing.jpgRUF as a 100% pass-through entity exists mainly because a small number of dedicated people underwrite all operational and fundraising costs: our Members, our Founding Angels, and our Main Sponsor. Our 5-year plan assumes no individual will represent more than 10% of the sources of operational revenues.

This is your opportunity to become part of a special community of monthly donors who are committed to helping RUF further its mission in connecting the Romanian communities all over the world. A recurring donation as small as 25$ per household ($10 per person) can make a significant difference.

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For RUF to become a truly independent and effective institution, it needs to be able to stand on its own. Your monthly gift ensures a predictable form of income to cover the organization’s operational expenses. You can change or cancel your pledge at any time. Ready to commit to more? Learn about our Founding Angels.

List of Current Members

Our members are a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to help RUF build a true Romanian American community in our lifetime. They are people like you, from all around the world, giving anything they can to prove how unstoppable we are when we work together.


Andreea Mottram

Founding Angel, Sacramento, CA, USA
Luciana Nemtanu

Volunteer Engagement Director
Luciana serves as the Volunteer Engagement Director and is passionate about helping people give their time to something greater. She is originally from Piatra Neamt but has lived in Michigan for the past 22 years.
Florin Puflea

RUF Ambassador, Verona, Italy
MD from Bucharest, in Italy since 2002. Graduated Medical School at the University of Verona in 2008, became an anesthesiologist in 2014. Active member of Romanian Diaspora in Italy and one of the first doctors to volunteer for Reteaua de Solidaritate.