Become a GlobalRomania Ambassador or Point of Contact

Join our exclusive GlobalRomania Ambassador program and be at the forefront of community building and promoting RUF's global campaigns. This program is designed for individuals who align deeply with our mission and are recognized for their integrity, success, and influence.

Ambassadors are selected through an invitation-only process from our most active and engaged community members, followed by an interview and background check. Ambassadors serve for a renewable term of three years.


What Does a GlobalRomania Ambassador Do?

  • Active Engagement: Network strategically, foster community relations, and champion RUF’s campaigns.
  • Database Management: Collaborate with RUF to curate a local contact database including businesses, community leaders, and important events.
  • Community Hospitality: Welcome RUF members visiting your city.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador

  • Global Connection: Access our exclusive AngelsConnect app to network with RUF's Founding Angels and Ambassadors worldwide.
  • Worldwide Recognition: Enjoy global acknowledgement and support from the RUF network.
  • Networking Opportunities: RUF actively facilitates introductions to other ambassadors.

Joining Process

  • Exclusive Invitation: Entry is by invitation, following an interview and background check.
  • Time Commitment: Minimum of 2-5 hours per month.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Community Influence: Organize local events, engage in RUF’s network, and promote our mission.
  • Global Outreach: While travelling, connect with local ambassadors and expand our network.
  • Regular Interaction: Participate in quarterly online meetups with our team.
  • RUF membership
  • Contribute to projects and collaborate with fellow members.

Alternatively, Become a Point of Contact

For busy professionals who wish to support RUF in a more passive role, the Point of Contact position is ideal. There's no time commitment; simply be our local representative, share and promote RUF campaigns, and help us connect with your community.

Make a difference in your community and beyond!

Make a difference in our community and beyond

Once you apply, you will receive an email with further instructions to complete your profile

Join as a Point of Contact

You are joining the GlobalRomania waitlist as a "Point of Contact" in your local Diaspora community. In order to stay in touch, please make sure you check "Send me email updates" and "Send me text messages" below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Global Romania is an initiative by the Romanian United Foundation (RUF) that aims to build a global network of Romanians making positive contributions to the world. It invites Romanians from around the world to join a community focused on uniting the Romanian diaspora and creating a positive impact.

  • Global Romania Ambassadors are vital in networking, community building, and promoting RUF's global campaigns. They are individuals with a strong reputation, energetic, and committed to RUF's mission. Ambassadors work to connect their local communities with the Romanian diaspora and help advance the organization's goals.

  • The Global Romania Ambassador is a prestigious designation identifying diaspora changemakers who contribute to building vibrant Romanian Communities in major cities worldwide. Ambassadors are recognized members of the Global Romania network. While they have certain responsibilities and benefits, they do not act independently but work closely with RUF to achieve common goals.

  • A “Point of Contact” is any “warm connection” to a local community. We define local “communities” as groups of people that live in a relatively compact geographical area, e.g. “Paris Community” or “Amsterdam Community.” Every person in RUF’s network who has a personal, meaningful connection to RUF and is willing to stay in touch and occasionally be contacted by RUF (about projects, campaigns, or simply to stay in touch) can be a “Point of Contact.”

    You can apply to join as a “Point of Contact” for the GlobalRomania Ambassadors Program by following the link on the website. As a “Point of Contact,” we hope you will follow RUF on social media and stay engaged with RUF activities.

  • No, there is no specific time commitment required for passive RUF contacts. This option is ideal for busy entrepreneurs or professionals who want to give back but have limited time.

  • No, membership is not required to become a passive RUF “Point of Contact.”

  • You can help RUF map out your local community, organize events in your community, you can share and promote RUF campaigns, and participate in the annual online all-hands Ambassadors meetup. No approval is needed; you can sign up directly.

  • To become a GlobalRomania Ambassador, you need to apply through the provided link on the website as a “Point of Contact” first and become a member of RUF.

    Ambassadors are selected through an invitation-only process from our most active and engaged community members, followed by an interview and background check. Ambassadors serve for a renewable term of three years.

  • Global Romania Ambassadors enjoy various benefits, including access to the AngelsConnect app to connect with Ambassadors worldwide, introductions to RUF's extensive network, financial resources for diaspora projects and capacity building, and a warm welcome when traveling. They can pitch their projects to the community and participate in other Ambassador initiatives. Ambassadors receive a GlobalRomania Ambassador Business Card and can participate in quarterly online meetups

  • Ambassadors are expected to connect with local RUF Ambassadors when they travel, welcome RUF Angels and Ambassadors visiting their city, create and maintain a database of local contacts, identify new points of contact in their community, and recommend new Ambassadors. They should also actively engage in promoting RUF's mission in various ways. Learn more!

  • Yes, anyone can become a GlobalRomania Ambassador. Ambassadors are selected through an invitation-only process. Candidates are selected from our most active and engaged community members and undergo an interview and background check process.

  • Yes, there is a minimum time commitment starting at 2-5 hours per month for GlobalRomania Ambassadors.

  • Yes, active RUF membership is required to become a GlobalRomania Ambassador.

  • Global Romania Ambassadors work with RUF to implement RUF programs in their community, organize small events, and create and run new RUF programs. They also strategically expand RUF's network, work with local Romanian institutions and organizations, and actively participate in RUF's community hub and app.

  • You can promote your Global Romania Ambassador role on LinkedIn by updating your profile on RUF's website and mentioning your involvement in the program on your LinkedIn profile.

  • The webinars for GlobalRomania Ambassadors are online events designed to provide valuable information, updates, and training for our Ambassadors. They serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and enhancing the skills of our Ambassador community.

  • The webinars for GlobalRomania Ambassadors are typically scheduled on specific dates throughout the year. Please refer to our official Global Romania website or communication channels for the most up-to-date information on webinar dates.

  • Yes, depending on the specific event, you may need to register or sign up for the webinars. Registration details and instructions will be provided in advance through official communication channels. Please make sure to follow the provided guidelines to secure your spot.

Please note that this FAQ provides an overview of the Global Romania Ambassadors Program, and specific details may be subject to change. For the most up-to-date information and to apply, please visit the GlobalRomania website